About Coach Hire Exchange

Passenger Recovery and Job Exchange Service

Coach Hire Exchange (CHX) is a cloud-based service designed to help operators find immediate assistance in the event of a breakdown, or any other situation where passengers need to be picked up and transported as soon as possible. It is also designed to make it easy for operators to find another operator to cover a planned job they need to contract out.

Only One Level of Membership and it’s Free!

CHX is an entirely free of charge service. There is no sign-up fee and we guarantee there will never be any membership or commission charges, even if we add additional features in the future.

Can be Used by Any Coach or Tour Operator

CHX can be used by any operator handling their own private hire work, charter work, contract work, day trips, tours or express services. It can also be used by event organisers, rail replacement contractors and other companies who subcontract work to coach or bus operators. CHX can also be used by specialist breakdown and recovery service providers to offer assistance to operators.

No Booking Management System Required

CHX is a standalone service and is not dependent on any other systems. It is incredibly quick and easy to use and is of equal benefit to operators both with and without a booking management system.

Coach Manager Integration

Coach Manager is the world’s most widely used booking management system. It is in daily use with over 1,650 operators, who between them handle millions of journeys a year.

The two way integration works in conjunction with the established Coach Manager Connect service which allows users of Coach Manager to easily offer jobs to each other. When a job is posted to Coach Manager Connect it is now also posted to CHX. Similarly, when a job is posted to CHX it is also posted to Coach Manager Connect.

The same combined list of jobs can not only be viewed on the CHX website, but also directly within the booking system of every operator who uses Coach Manager. Users of both CHX and Coach Manager can offer to cover any job, irrespective of which system it was originally posted to. The combined user base represents the largest full access membership of any job exchange service and provides the best possible opportunity for operators to both find assistance or take on more work.

Intuitive Desktop and Mobile Friendly Website

The CHX website can be used on a browser running on a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet or a smartphone. The website’s responsive design adapts automatically to any size of display.